GCA sponsors the Georgia All-State Team. Members of the All-State Team are nominated by GCA members for showing dedication, leadership and enthusiasm as a clogger. These cloggers do not just enjoy clogging, they LIVE to clog!

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For more information about the All-State team, visit our All-State Team FAQ’s page.

Dancer Team Year Elected
Rachel Allen Southern Flare 2006
Dawn Bailey-Hussey Georgia’s Dance Explosion 2007
Haleigh Baker Georgia’s Dance Explosion 2006
Danica Bjerklie Kennesaw Mountain Cloggers 2009
Tatum Bjerklie Kennesaw Mountain Cloggers 2010
Rhonda Brady Storm Dancers & Spitfire Cloggers 2010
Lisa Brannan Chattahoochee Valley Cloggers 2009
Samantha Caylor Dixie Fire 2012
Amy Connell Rhythm & Class Cloggers 2006
Alyssa Elmgreen Rhythm & Class 2009
Sarah Fogle Rhythm & Class 2008
Peggie Fowler Total Eclipse 2007
Kyndra Fraley Country Classic Cloggers 2009
Michelle Gariepy Rhythm & Class 2010
Olivia Gatti Footstompin Heel Clickers 2012
Abbey Holley Georgia’s Dance Explosion 2009
Candace Ledbetter Country Classic Cloggers 2006
Kristen Ledbetter Country Classic Cloggers 2008
Kim Ledbetter Country Classic Cloggers 2009
Lemia McLendon Georgia’s Dance Explosion 2007
Janna Melberg Kennesaw Mountain Cloggers 2010
Jordan Michael Country Classic Cloggers 2006
Mariah Michael Country Classic Cloggers 2007
Casie Mimbs Southern Flare 2008
Naomi Nobles Georgia’s Dance Explosion 2008
Tori O’Bryant Power Taps 2012
Kenyan Olson BSOD 2012
Christy Petras Rhythm & Class 2008
Danielle Podrazik Southern Flare 2006
Denise Powers Chattahoochee Valley Cloggers 2009
Riley Rickard Power Taps 2012
Ivey Rowland Georgia’s Dance Explosion 2010
Beth Rozeboom Southern Flare 2007
Shanna Salcedo Country Class Cloggers 2010
Amy Zieg Southern Flare 2006