 Who is the GCA All-State Team?
The team is made up of dancers of all skill levels who are nominated by their directors based on their leadership ability, enthusiasm for clogging and attitude.

 How do I become a member?
Dancers are nominated by their directors and then selected by the GCA officers. If you are interested in being an All-State Team member, speak to your director about nominating you.

 What are the requirements?
Dancers must be at least 8 years of age and have at least 1 year of clogging experience.

 What is expected?
Members are selected based on their enthusiasm and performance ability. As an All-State member, you’re looked upon as a role model. This should be demonstrated through the dancer’s encouragement of fellow cloggers.

 How long am I on the team?
Members for the All-State team will be chosen at the state convention in June and will be recognized for one year. Members can be nominated for up to 2 years and then have the opportunity to be nominated to be a lifetime All-State Team member. There will be (1) performance at the State Convention, which will be a street Hoedown and then the individual dancer will be recognized through numerous publications.

 What are the benefits?
Members of the team get the opportunity to encourage other dancers throughout the Southeast and grow their talents as cloggers.